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• More permanent and durable than paver edging

• Multiple colors available

• Multiple shapes available

Put the finishing touches on your masterpiece

Your yard is your masterpiece, so put the finishing touches on it with decorative stamped concrete. We employ expert stonemasons who can work wonders with concrete. The only limit for your yard is your imagination.

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Create a clean look

Concrete curbing is great for landscaping. It helps separate the various elements of your yard and keep different features from spilling into each other. Curbing will give your lawn a beautiful, clean look and it will add value to your property.

Some of the benefits for curbing include:

Great for landscaping

Replacement of cement curbs

Quick, custom installation

Professional appearance adds to property value

Curbing puts the finishing touches on your yard, but if you want to do something bigger check out our hardscaping services. From patios to walkways we can transform the look of your yard

Keep your lawn looking great year round with our irrigation service.

Our services will transform your lawn

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cta Concrete curbing

To help match and enhance your existing landscaping our cubing comes in a variety of styles.

Slant-     The slant style has the unique ability to hold gravel and  other gardening materials because the back of the curb  is higher than the front.  The front side of the curb is  usually set at ground level to accommodate lawn mower  wheels.


Mower- This style is installed to accomnodate both a lawn  mower wheel and at the same time retain gravel or other gardening materials.  It has great curb appeal by finishing off the landscape design with a picture frame type look.


Square- This curb style is most often set at ground level for lawn mowing; therefore it leaves a styled look without seeing too much concrete edging.


Dome-   The dome curb style does not have the sharp or squared angles that the other styles have.  The height in the center of the curb still allows this style to retain landscaping materials like rocks and mulches.

Curbing Styles

Slant Square Mower Dome